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May 03 2017

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This is the tree tunnel from Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland.
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Kids.  Teenagers.  As someone staring 40 in the face lemme tell you a thing.

You are going to be horrified and embarrassed at some point by the shit you are doing now.

And you are going to wish with all your might you’d done more of it.  

You’re gonna wish you had more selfies, more photos, more videos being dumb with your friends.  You’re going to wish you’d had your hair even higher or your shoes even sparklier.  

Go.  Document the shit out of your ridiculous life.  Fuck trends but if you wanna be trendy, go all in.  Fuck in-groups and subcultures but if one sings to you, do it all.  Be exactly as cool or punk rock or goth or fandom or country or hardcore or hip hop or whatever, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Just don’t hurt people.  That’s the only thing you’ll ever genuinely live to regret.

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Sunlight through a tree during an eclipse. The tree leaves act similar to how pinhole cameras work, leaving these little eclipse casts

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My chrome just told me that their ssl-cert expired 4 days ago.
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September 12 2016

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for my spanish homework we had to translate a bunch of fake tweets and one of them was this


before any of use even bother translating we’re like hmm, wonder what that video is

so we type it in and sure enough


turns out the tweet translates to “if you’ve never been trolled by this, you haven’t lived a good life.”

i got memed on by my spanish homework

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