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I’m so freaked out about Chelsea Manning’s hunger strike

Hey, saw your hashtag. Here’s some things you can do:

You can always send her a letter. That’s what she loves the most. She has repeatedly said that letters is what keeps her going.

 Sign her multiple petitions at freechelsea.com or https://t.co/r8JC5QiFWa or https://t.co/W7bdBDlHNK.

Write to SECArmy on Twitter -if you can call them or contact them in any other more effective way, that’d be ace!- and demand she be treated in a respectful way.

Speak up, support her hashtags, #Standwithchelsea and #freechelsea are generally used to support her. Speak up about her treatment ever since she was first convincted -when she was put under torture such as sleep deprivation, was put in a cage, solitary confinement, being made do parade naked every morning, was chained like an animal, and a big-ass etcetera.

You can call Fort Leavenworth at 913-758-3649  and demand the right treatment (but be extremely respectful, they’re too close to her and they can harm her, especially being such a small-framed person in a terribly vulnerable state after days of hunger strike. Staff at Quantico used to get mad and that kinda scared her). As well as your local representatives and congressmen.

If you can, go to protests or the vigil held at Leavenworth.. 

I personally think spreading her columns and blog posts, so people can realize the compassionate and sincere person she is, is another good way to help her.

But mostly, speak up about her, to everyone with ears, on every social media, about her and the things she helped achieve, her motives, and also her recent appeal.

Hope this is somewhat helpful!

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